Lottery Winning Strategies Tips And Secrets

Only the very best lotto strategies tips and secrets will help you win the lottery. If you play the lottery, play to win or do not play at all!

Most people buy lottery tickets very blindly. What I mean by this is they purchase quick pick lottery tickets (random numbers by lotto machine) and don’t actually put the time into picking their own lottery numbers. These quick picks seriously give you a very poor chance to win, they make your odds even worse. Your next best bet is to pick your own numbers, but you won’t know exactly which ones to pick or how many lines to play per lotto draw. Lottery wheels take your numbers and spread them out over many lines so that you win multiple times (if you hit at least 3 out of 6, 4 out of 7 etc). Lottery wheels can get expensive and aren’t the best method to increase your odds, unless they are a well designed wheel. Finally, you’ll want to look at a lottery system. Most lottery systems are based on lottery wheels or lottery past drawn number as lottery software systems, so you’ll want to avoid those for now. Hot and Cold numbers are also a dated method, also caled lottery prediction and should be avoided as your main playing method, it is proven to not increase your odds very much, only about 2% . As an example is the lottery system called the Lottery Circle software, or Lottery Crusher or any lottery software system. Anyone can find this type of info and number stats on the Internets absolutely for free, you seriously do not have to pay for it, and the win rates will not ever be higher than 2%, unlike what misleading systems claim, some as high as %100. 

The ONLY lottery system really worth using for any pick 5 or pick 6 lotto games is the The Lotto Guy Lottery SystemThis awesome system passed all its tests with flying colors and is easily the best winning system around. It’s essentially a very unique 3 step lottery system that will guide you through your number picking for best results. It has also won a lottery system poll as the best lottery system of 2012. The lottery systems poll was out of 15 top lottery systems that all talk a big game but when it came down to it Lotto Guy won with 83% of the votes, now that is solid proof of a winning system. I have seen many great reviews on this system winning lotto games as Texas Lotto, Florida Lotto, California Lottery, Ohio Lottery, Illinois Lottery, Powerball Lottery, Mega Million, Lotto Max, Lotto 649, Oklahoma Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Virginia Lottery, UK Lotto just about every lottery game world-wide. It is really kind of a secret lottery system winning lotto games quietly in the background and is very highly recommended to use, the facts are just to many to ignore this winning system.


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